Seaford Manor PTA'S THANK YOU! Page
Thank You,
Jen Sampson,
for creating and sending the E-mail
Blasts every week, keeping us all
informed with what's happening at the
Thank You,
Sharleen Bussani and Lisa Lent,
for Chairing the Box Tops
Committee and collecting (and
cutting!) tons of Box Tops!
Thank You,
Sharleen Bussani and Lisa Sanfilippo
(and volunteers!)
for crafting a fabulous Birthday Board
every month for our kids Birthdays!
They love to look for their names!
Thank You,
Donna D'Andrea
for Chairing the Banking Committee and
working with TD Bank and our kids,
in order to help raise funds for the PTA!
Sign your kids up and connect your
account! It's Easy!
Thank You,
Donna D'Andrea and Josephine Lutz
for your tireless efforts in getting
all the photocopies out to our kids
and parents!
Thank You,
Chrissy Hoehn and Lauren Fox
for Chairing the Fifth Grade
Yearbook Committee!
It's a BIG job, but greatly
appreciated by all the fifth graders
and their parents!
Thank you,
Maria Patsatsis,
for keeping us informed via
Thank you,
Karen Bellamore and
Christine Tuohy (and all volunteers)
for Chairing the Homecoming
Banner Committee!
It was great to see your
Thank you,
Kelley Wong
for Chairing the Fifth Grade Tee
Shirts Committee.
It is a big job!
Can't wait to see the Tee Shirts!
Thank you,
Jen Volkl and Dianna Tyznar
for organizing all the Fifth Grade
events, parties, and activities!
Anyone who has had a Fifth Grader
knows that there are a lot!
Thank you,
April Sander and Shari Salce
for Chairing the Student
Photo Committee!
It was so well organized and we all
have great pictures of our kids
to show it!
Thank you,
April Sander
for helping to raise
funds for our kids
with the Sponsorship Program!
Thank you,
Karen Bellamore
for Chairing the Publicity Committee
and getting Seafor Manor the
recognition it deserves!
Thank you,
Karen Bellamore and Lauren Fox
for running the Halloween Contest.
Our kids love taking guesses and
getting to win a prize!  
Thank you
Maureen Mele
for Chairing the Autumn Classic!
It will be a great day!
Thank you,
Christine Kollar
for Charing the Seaford Clothing
The town of Seaford is showing their
"Seaford Pride" , thanks to you!
Thank you,
Sharleen Bussani
for your hard work Chairing the
Membership Committee!
Thank you,
Donna D'Andrea
for Chairing the Gift
Wrap Committee!
It's a big job, but you ladies
help the PTA raise a lot of funds
for our kids!
Thank you,
Nancy Saloman
for Chairing Red Ribbon Week!
The kids love all the activities
while learning about healthy choices!
Thank you,
Donna D'Andrea
for Chairing the Snowflake Village
Sales Committee!
The kids had a great time doing
their one-stop holiday shopping
Thank you,
ToniAnn Sorrentino,
for Chairing the Snowflake Village
Decorating Committee and turing the
Gym into a Winter Wonderland!

Thank you,
Kristen Calvacca,Donna Jebaily,and Lisa
for Chairing the
Scholastic Book Fair!
The kids love picking out new books!
Thank you,
Kelley Wong and BethAnn Gagliano
for a Chairing the
Staff Recognition Day!
Thank you,
Christine Kollar
for Chairing the Seaford Mascot
Tee Shirt Committee!
The kids love showing their school
spirit with the shirts!
Thank you,
Christine Tuohy
for Chairing the
Nominating Committee!
Thanks for helping us have a voice
in selecting our PTA Board!
Thank you
April Sander and Shari Salce
for organizing the best day of the
year for the kids,
Student Recognition Day!
What Fun!!
Thank you,
Jen Saleta
and the members of the
Budget Committee
for crunching the budget's numbers!
Thank you
Maureen Mele
for organizing the 5th Grade
Moving Up ceremony for our
graduating fifth graders!
Thank you,
to all of our
Class Parents,
who run the Bake Sales
throughout the year!
And to all the parents to donate
their time and energy to baking or
donating the goods!
Thank you,
to all the
Class Parents,
who created the great tables for
our PTA Hospitality Committee!
A water and some fruit
(or a cookie) always hit the spot
during a meeting!
Thank you,
Lisa Lent and Donna D'Andrea
for Chairing the Online Fund Raising
Committee.  We can buy things we
need anyway AND help the PTA gain
funds for our children!

It takes an army to run these
but we know, without our
it would be nearly impossible to
get it all done!
Thank you so much to all of you,
whose names may not appear on
this page,
but who have sacrificed your
time to get these jobs done!
Thank you,
to the MANY volunteers for the
Incoming Kindergarten Literacy
Thank you,
to the volunteers who
solicitated for the Spring Gala!
Your determination will be evident
in all the wonderful baskets and
Thank you,
to the MANY volunteers for the
Incoming Kindergarten Specials
Thank you,
Donna D'Andrea
for Chairing the
School Supplies Program!
We love the one-stop shopping!!
Thank you
to the volunteers
who helped at
the Edith House
It's always an informative day
for the kids!
Thank you,
to all the volunteers who
volunteered their time to
help with arragements for
the Spring Gala!
Thank you,
to all the wonderful volunteers,
for your time spent at the
Kindergarten Screenings!
Thank you

for your hard work running the
Floral Boutique. It's always a great
surprise getting the flowers from
the children!
Thank you
to all who donate
or volunteer
their time to help make
Staff Recognition Day
a successful event!
Thank you
Lisa Malek and Donna Jebaily
for creating yet another
special day for our visiting Seniors!
The smiles on their faces proved it
was a success!
Thank you
Christine Kollar and Karen Brown
for organizing our annual
Ducks Night!
It is always so much fun!
Thank you,
Kerri Hall,
for organizing the
Gentleman's Day Sale!
We can't wait to see what the kids
bring home for the special men in
their lives!
Thank you
to all the volunteers
for the
5th Grade Bagel Breakfast!
It is such a special day for our
fifth graders!
Thank you,
ToniAnn Sorrentino, Donna D'Andrea
and Kerri Hall
for organizing a fun night for boys
and their special ladies at Sports
Night with My Lady!
Thank you,
Sharleen Bussani
for chairing the Hygiene Night
Committee, organizing an
informative night for our 4th and
5th Graders!
Thank you,

for organizing a special night for
our little ladies and the special
man in their lives at
Dancing With My Star!
Thank you,
Maureen Mele and Lorie Nocella,
for updating the websire and
keeping everyone updated and
Thank you
Vanessa Hlinka-Callinan
for organizing the Garden Club and
beautifying the Garden of Hope!
Thank you
Shari Slace and April Sander,
for organizing the KidStuff Coupon
Book fund raiser so we can get all
those great coupons AND help the
PTA at the same time!
Thank you,

for Chairing the Family Bingo
The Bingo nights are always so
much fun!