This week at the Manor!

Monday, February 23rd (3A)
8:00AM Advanced Band
3:30-4:30PM – Manor Chess Club – Grade 5

Tuesday, February 24nd (4A)
8:00AM Chorus Grade 5
Student Banking during Lunch
3:30-4:30PM - Afternoon Physical Education Club
5th Graders only – Dismissal B Wing Doors - last session

Wednesday, February 25th (5A)
8:00AM – Beginner Band
3:30-4:30PM - Afternoon Physical Education Club - last session
4th Graders only – Dismissal B Wing Doors
7:30PM Spring Gala Prep - Manor APR
Please join us as we prep for our biggest and most fun
fund raiser of the year!

Thursday, February 26th (1B)
8:00AM Advanced Band
3:15-4:15 Jazz Band
3:15-4:15PM Manor Book Club Meeting (Gr 4 & 5)
3:30-4:30PM Manor Computer Club (Gr 3)
7:30PM BOE Meeting - ManorAPR

Friday, February 27th (2B)
8:00AM Chorus - Grade 4
Don't Forget to wear your Pay It Forward Bracelet!

Visit for more
information about the new Go
Math Program that the district is

FYI:Visit for more
information on Common Core and
concept of modules and domains
per grade
Welcome to the
Seaford Manor PTA's
February 2015
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Seaford Board of Education

You are not only allowed to
attend, you are
encouraged to attend.
You are given the opportunity
to speak at BOE Meetings
at the designated time.
You can speak about agenda
items (on district's website
and available at meetings) or
you can raise awareness of a
personal concern, state a
complaint, or ask questions!!!!
PTA Meeting
March 2nd, 2015
7:45 PM
Manor APR

BOE Meeting
February 26th
Manor APR

***Important Notice:***
The school calendar, normally provided by the district,
will no longer be mailed to your homes.
You can see it at the following link:
Seaford School Calendar 2014-2015
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Upcoming Dates
to Remember:
3/2 - PTA Meeting 7:45PM
3/3 - 4th & 5th Grade BOYS
Hygiene Night
3/3 - SEPTA Meeting 7:30 MS Cafe
3/5 - BOE Meeting 7:30 Manor APR
3/9 - PTSA Meeting 7:45 HS Faculty Rm
3/10 - Manor Incoming K Specials Exp
3/10 - 4th & 5th Grade GIRLS
Hygiene Night
3/12 - BOE Meeting 7:30 Manor APR

Manor's Motto for
Pay It Forward at the
Manor School
Do Something Nice
for Someone TODAY!