Seaford Manor PTA Fundraising
Collect and send in those
Box Tops!  
CASH for
our children!
Send them in a envelope marked
Box Tops
Make sure to add your child's name and teacher so they get the credit
in order for the class to win a prize at the end of the year!
The PTA will earn cool stuff and
CASH to develop programs for YOUR kids!
Last year the Manor received a check for $1800!
Open an account at TD Bank for your child and TD Bank will GIVE you
$10 in that account!
OR if you already have an account...
TD Bank will give the PTA a check at the end of the year,
based on the activity of the participating members' TD Bank Accounts.
You just have to link your account to the PTA using code A1165
(TD Bank does NOT have access to your account!!!)
Click here to visit the Labels for Education site and view a
list of ALL the
Our Modell's Fund Raiser only takes
place during certain times of the year!
Be on the lookout for more information!
Click for website! NOT just for costumes!
For ALL your party supplies!
Don't forget to enter code FUN4557 at checkout!
Get your Stop & Shop card today
to save hundreds of dollars
each year!  
Register your card at to participate in
the A+ Rewards Program.
The Seaford Manor PTA  will get
a percentage of everything you
buy this year at NO cost to you!