Seaford Manor PTA Help Wanted
You can fill a need in any capacity that fits your lifestyle!
Committees need volunteers that can come to school during the day
or even at night.  Multiple committees can be completed from HOME!
Please check the list to see if there is a committee
that is right for you!
The following Committees are still in need of chairs and
volunteers if anyone is interested:

Bid Committee Family Bingo/Game Night (November)
Fifth Grade Activity Night (May) Fifth Grade Moving up
(June).....anyone BUT 5th grade can chair this.
Floral Boutique (May)
Fourth and Fifth Grade Hygiene Program (March)
Gift Wrap (September) Grant Committee (all year)
Holiday Fundraiser
Online Fundraising (All Year)
Red Ribbon Week
School Supplies (April)
Snowflake Village Raffle Basket Committee (December)
Snowflake Village Sales (December)
Spring Gala Coordinator (January-March)
Spring Gala Soliciting (January – March)
Spring Gala Thank You Notes (April)
2017 -2018
School Year!